The start of each new project brings with it a rush of adrenaline through our body. Is the unknown, the excitement of the journey, the thrill of a possible accomplishment!

All of these feelings will contribute to your success!

The biggest challenge will be to keep going even when the going gets tough!

Exactly at that moment you need someone to act like your soundboard, to cheer for you and remind you of your ultimate goal. The road to success will take different course for each student: some will need more frequent contact while others prefer the solitude of their own thoughts. For each type of person, we can identify together the best way to proceed.

Why should you get me on board?

Benefits of working with a mentor for BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance at Oxford Brookes University

Once we take this path together, we’ll have to set up a realistic time plan and milestones. This should be the goal for our first meeting.

The following meetings will depend on the status of your work. We should have at the minimum one meeting in the middle of your research to assess progress, discuss problems and potential solutions, reshape the course of action in case the project is moving in the wrong direction. Based on my experience, most students feel more comfortable with having 2 – 3 reviews of the draft RAP.

The last meeting should be focused on your presentation of results. As the presentation, represents part of your deliverables, you should make sure you give it plenty of time and thought.


Mentoring Oxford Brookes University students workflow



A list of deliverables that should be uploaded along with other useful resources can be found here.

As in the months that you will work on your research, we will have to constantly be in contact, I find it extremely important to select the right communication channel. This is why I propose multiple options such as telephone calls, email exchange, Skype session or meeting in person.


Let’s get started!