Let me start by telling you a story.

About 13 years ago, a girl joins the financial audit team of a Big4. As any audit company, all new joiners are enrolled in the ACCA scheme to ensure employees are properly trained and knowledgeable. This sounds great!

There is only one problem for our character: she has a math and programing university degree. What does that mean? Well, that means that Debit and Credit mean nothing to her! Plus, they make no sense mathematically speaking.

But she decides to hang in there and try to find a meaning in the way accounting concepts work. From the very beginning, she makes it a goal to complete the certification in her own rhythm and focusing on what is to be gained from the overall experience.

After a couple of years, following the release of results for Paper P5 – Advanced Performance Management, she receives an email from ACCA. To her great surprise it was a congratulation notice as she scored the 1st mark among all Romanian students attending the exam at that particular sitting and more important the 7th mark worldwide.

You might have guessed it until that the story is about… me.

CRISTINA MUEHL - ACCA & OBU Registred Mentor

In the mean time I have reached my goal of becoming an ACCA member. More than that, I’ve decided to get involved in the mentoring scheme for Oxford Brooks University BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting.

My purpose of sharing this story with you was to tell you that if it was possible for me, a non-finance person, to reach such a high mark for a professional paper, also you can attain your goal of gaining your BSc in Applied Accounting.

There is plenty of information out there and is sometimes a true struggle to make your way through it. This is why I consider the Mentoring Scheme as a highly valuable tool along the process. A mentor will support you in finding the answers to your questions about what the best course of action is, what should you do next and what to do to stay on track.

I have reached the decision to enroll in the program and put in the time to study trough the materials and take the exam to become a Registered Mentor as I truly believe I can support you on your path. I’m well aware of how difficult is to find the time to work on the Research and Analysis Project while studying, working, taking care of other admin tasks, etc. But in the same time, I can tell you that is doable, you have to believe in it.