1. Zero tolerance for plagiarism!

I fully back up ACCA’s and OBU’s high ethical expectations from all the members and students. This is way, as soon as I notice noncompliance with this requirement, I will terminate the mentoring agreement and have to notice the University.

2. Take ownership!

The project is your work! It’s you that will be graded! You can get several opinions on how to cover the subject, but at the end of the day is up to you to decide the course of action. The one that will be held accountable is you. So take ownership and submit a paper that would speak about your competencies!

3. Open discussions

The mentoring sessions have the purpose to provide you with support on your path to success. This is why is extremely important to make best use of them. This includes preparing for each session, asking plenty of questions and raising problems that you encounter for debate. There is no such thing as an irrelevant question!

4. Realistic timeframe

Time is a limited resource. Hence, you should treat it with respect. From the very beginning is highly recommended that you design a schedule for how you intend to tackle the research and writing all deliverables incorporating plenty of time for unforeseen events. Pressure will build the more you get closer to the deadline and leaving things to the last minute might not bring the right result!

5. Respect your commitments

We all have busy schedules and plenty of other commitments! Once we agree upon a deadline at different stages of your research, I would highly appreciate you respect it and make sure you can accommodate it. I can assure you that I’ll be blocking time on my calendar for our mentoring sessions and reviews. More than that I’ll take the time to prepare and ensure I can support you on your path to success!

Thank you for taking these rules into account. I’m more than sure that once we start working together, this will set a solid foundation for your submission!