“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” – Vince Lombardi

As for any defeat you need power to get up and try it again! You need to gather the strength to assess what went wrong and learn from it. It might provide extremely valuable lessons that will have effect long after you moved on from the experience.

I truly believe that by reviewing the feedback received and identifying the points that need improvement, you are on the path to succeed. This is backed up also by the statistics. Pass rates substantially increase for the second attempt.

My approach is to start from the information provided by the marker and make a gap analysis. By looking at what the expectations were and what was delivered, shortcomings can be identified. Next step should be to develop a plan how to addresses them and have clear actions defined.

Depending on the level of noncompliance with the requirements, all possible courses of actions should be discussed, including starting all over. I strongly believe that sometimes instead of investing more time into a project that sucked up plenty of resources, might be best to accept the failure and start fresh.

Another important aspect is to look at what documents need to be reviewed. The comments from the marker might be directed towards the RAP and not the SLS or the other way around. It just means that the level of time to be spent is lower compared to the first submission.


Let’s review together the feedback received and get you back up on your way to success!