If you are wondering about the feedback received from former mentees, here are some of references received. To maintain a level of privacy, I have included only the first name and country of residence.

„I highly recommend Cristina Muhl as a mentor to all Oxford Brookes University students. I confirm that Cristina Muhl was my mentor for RAP submitted in period 34. Cristina Muhl support and encouragement, helped me to ask the right questions, to think systematically, to learn to apply appropriate evaluation techniques and to analyse and interpret the findings. Her professionalism, knowledge and competence helped me to achieve my project objectives.“

Marcela, Ireland

„Cristina is a very dedicated and committed mentor; Always well prepared to each meeting, encourages student’s own decisions, while making some non-invasive suggestions. She patiently supported me throughout the project, including change of the originally chosen subject and multiple versions of my chapters. Our meetings were always very constructive and motivating. I feel like I could not have done it without her.“

Iwona, Poland

„I have had the opportunity to cooperate with Cristina during my professional studies at Oxford Brookes University. As my mentor she always showed a strong dedication to her role and a constant willingness to go above and beyond when I needed. Cristina is a great mentor who always showed willingness to share her personal experience from finance field and she took a personal interest in the mentoring relationship. She was not just knowledgeable and passionate but was always committed to help me to enhance my perspective and deepen my knowledge and understanding of financial issues. She showed a very strong willingness to provide me guidance, motivation and a constructive feedback.“

Andrea, Poland

„It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Cristina Mühl who was my mentor for BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance at Oxford Brookes University during the first part of 2017. It was a pleasure working with Cristina, and I got to know her as a valuable tutor, always eager to share knowledge and guide me towards completing my task. She is extremely well prepared and a master of her trade, being able to advise me on subjects on a wide variety of topics and industries. As the paper I had to write for the BSc(Hons) Accounting and Finance was focused on the telecommunication industry, her ability to apply her financial expertise on understanding and guiding me through the details of this vast business proved invaluable. Her vast experience can be seen in the way she easily understands new domains and is able to properly give advice on different topics. While her experience and knowledge is undeniable, it was a pleasure to work with Cristina as she is kind and emphatic. She knew exactly how and when to put the right pressure to make me work when needed while doing it with tact and a positive energy, having the right traits to be a good leader. I wholeheartedly recommend Cristina as a specialist, advisor and trainer as her experience, knowledge and character would prove valuable for any organization she would work for.“

Razvan, Romania