Oxford Brookes University (OBU) installed an anonymous marking process for all research papers submitted. Hence, you should keep in mind to remove all reference to your name in all documents submitted and keep on the fist page only your ACCA number.

Each paper goes through the following process of review:

  • The first assessor will review the submission and grade it. A report will be generated containing specific feedback.
  • If the paper receives a “Fail” grade, a second assessor will review it and generate a report.
  • Additionally, sample of “Pass” reports will be reviewed by a second assessor.
  • In case there is a difference of opinion between the 2 assessors, the chief moderator will be involved and support the process of reaching a decision.
  • More than that, a sample of reports are subject to external review to ensure a steady application of standards across all papers.
  • OBU implemented an additional layer of review, by selecting a sample of students that will be required to go through a viva, an oral examination.

There are nine criteria that will be reviewed and assessed. The full RAP assessment criteria can be found here.

Below is a summary of what you should aim at for each section based on the Information Pack 2018 – 2019.
Document submitted
Assessment criteria
Aim at
Research and Analysis Project (RAP) Understanding of accountancy / business models Models/ concepts/ theory selected are highly relevant for your research paper.

You provide to the reader the perception of wider reading by using a broad range of sources.

Application of accountancy / business models Models/ concepts/ theory is critically applied providing insightful information.
Evaluation of information, analysis and conclusions Information used is rigorously evaluated and selected with care.

Analysis provided shows high level of critical thought.

Presentation of project findings Report is written in a professional manner within the prescribed structure that can engage the reader and provide a coherent analysis of information
Communication Grammar and spelling are mainly accurate and the language used is appropriate and fluent
Information gathering and referencing Referencing is properly done on a consistent basis from a broad range of relevant sources
Information technology Evidence of the use of a spreadsheet, online information sources and other relevant software
Skills and Learning Statement (SLS) Self-reflection All 4 questions are answered and provides evidence of reflecting at what happened during the research, what judgements were made, actions taken and self-reflection on strengths and weaknesses.
Presentation Communication skills Presentation that was provided to your Mentor should be submitted.

The presentation should have between 10 and 20 slides appropriately structured summarizing report results. Presentation should provide the perception that it can be delivered in the time allocated of 15 minutes.


Make sure you keep these criteria in mind when you write your research report.
I would suggest you print the table above and use it as a final check on your report before submission to increase your chances of success.