As I’m committed to the succees of my mentees, I have did a bit of research of my own into the industries available for the submission period November 2019 – May 2020.

The information below does not represent any compulsory data to be used. It is just a sugested starting point for your research.

Before you take a look below, please make sure you have read through the Information Pack and other Program Information.

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Industry Classification Benchmark

London Stock Exchange Company Profile

Specific resources
4010 Automobiles & Parts (3350 in older version)
List of Automobiles & Parts companies


Automobiles & Parts market data


4030 Media (5500 in older version)
List of Media Providers

Market data


502060 Industrial Transportation (2770 in older version)
Market data|global;en



Do you have some other sources that you found useful/ interesting? Send me a message and I’ll surely incorporate them!

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